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Educational institutions / companies / OEM orders

We sell films for smartphones, PCs, educational terminals, and various other terminals.

We have a lot of transaction records from companies such as major airlines to schools, and we will respond flexibly according to the situation.

We will respond immediately to small lot to large orders, so please feel free to contact us first.


For educational institutions and PTA

GIGA school concept


We handle various films for learning terminals.

"Since children use it, a film that is easy on the eyes is good."

"I want to make a film that is not slippery when writing."

We will sincerely respond to such requests.


For companies and corporations

Sales business

With a large number of transaction records including major airlines,

We have delivered more than 1 million copies in total.

We will respond immediately to small lot to large orders.


For companies / corporations

OEM business

Specialized staff selects films compatible with various other terminals.

From existing packages to original custom-made products

It corresponds flexibly.

We also accept orders for the film itself only.



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Thank you for your inquiry

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